Terms & Conditions
By accepting the order from Fior Ghradh Leather Work (we/us our), a legally binding contract is created which is subject to the following terms and conditions.
1 Price The price payable is for the products and/or services as described on the Order Form. Fior Ghradh Leather Work is not registered for VAT.
2 Confirmation Orders will remain provisional until a deposit has been received and funds have cleared.
3 Deposit A deposit equal to 50% of the total cost, cost of all materials or otherwise as described on the order is required at the time of order confirmation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Orders that involve full personalisation may require a deposit equal to the full value to be paid at the time of order confirmation.
4 Cooling Off Period A “Cooling Off Period” to allow for the order to be cancelled by either party involved. This will be equivalent to no more than 7 days from the date of Order. Any cancellation must be made in writing to the other party.
5 Cancellation              (By You) Cancellation by you can be made at any time during the “Cooling Off Period”.  Cancellation must be made in writing.                                                                                                                                        Where cancellation is made in accordance with the above, we may request that a nominal administration fee is paid. Where cancellation is made after the “Cooling Off Period”, or if the materials have been purchased deposit money may not be refunded. If a refund is agreed we may request that a nominal administration fee is paid.                                                                                                                                                                                  50% of the items full cost on any personalised items once materials have been purchased and manufacture has started will not be refundable.
6 Cancellation              (By Us) We will only cancel this agreement where a) circumstances prevent us from carrying out the work/supplying the products. In such circumstances, any deposit paid will be refunded to you in full. Or b)where your deposit payment is returned unpaid by your bank.                                                                                                                                                           We may cancell any order where it comes to our attention that you or any related party makes any direct or overheard defamatory coments about Fior Ghradh Leather Work or its employees through any means including verbal and social media. In such a case and whilst in the “Cooling Off Period” we will give a refund, however will retain a nominal administration fee. Should a situation arrise after materials have been purchased deposit money will not be refunded.
7 Services To Be Provided The services to be provided and/or products to be supplied by us will be as per the desription shown on the Order form.
8 Performance / Delivery We will advise you at the point of order confirmation as to an approximate delivery time (this will generally be  90 days) We will do out utmost to adhere to this date. Where delays are incurred due to materials, weather, illness or other circumstances-we will advise you at the earliest possibility.
9 Ownership Any products supplied by us to you will remain our property until full payment has been received and funds have cleared.
10 Guarantee We guarantee that our services and/or products will be free from defects for a period of 12 months from completion/delivery.                                                                                                          In the event that a defect occurs we will repair or replace the product or service at our sole discretion. No financial refund will be given.                                                                                     Your statutory rights are unaffected by this guarantee.
11 Liability Our Liability under this agreement shall be limited to the making good or replacement of the services and/or produsts provided by us and shall not exceed the price paid to us by you.                                                                                                                                                                                Except to the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense howsoever arising unless caused by the negligence of Fior Ghradh Leather Work or its employees.
12 Invalidity If any part of these terms and conditions become unenforceable, the enforcability of any other part shall remain unaffected.
13 Law Any Dispute between Fior Ghradh Leather Work and you will be governed by English Law and the exclusive jurisdication of the English Courts.
14 Third Parties For the purpose of the contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 and not withstanding any other provision of this agreement, this is not intended to, and does not, give any person who is not a party to the agreement any right to enforce any of its provisions.

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